Tired but happy!

Jancykcecil   -  

This seems like a generally good way to describe the last couple days. Almost not enough time to sit down and type out a blog post with the cooking, dishwashing, shopping for more groceries, necessary naps, and, most importantly, the conversations and interactions with the attendees of the conference. It has been truly a happy time but also an extremely busy and tiring time. I don’t think we anticipated how tired we would be but so thankful for generous team members who work together late into the night to finish the needs of the day and begin preparing for the needs of the next!

The team members all gave talks during the conference with topics ranging from our personal lives and upbringing, individual struggles, struggles/hardships pertaining to our marriages, our upbringing and some parenting insight and wisdom. This really seemed to strike a nerve with the attendees and they expressed such thankfulness for this time. One comment was that they appreciated us being honest and open with these things as they were able to see we are just normal people and not special-we are simply Christians seeking to grow and honor the Lord just like they are here in Poland! That really opened up relationship with the attendees even more which was extremely special and meaningful for all of us. I would say this is one of the major highlights so far for all of us.

It has also been a highlight walking through this lovely town to go to lunch or dinner as a team and, personally, watching Isaiah learn to bike has also been an unexpected delight.

We love you all and appreciate your prayer and support!

Jancy (for the Poland Team)