Will Cornett

Associate Pastor

Will’s story is one that testifies to the grace, mercy, and patience of the Lord.

Will grew up in the home of faithful Christian parents, who both continue in their faithfulness to this day. His parents’ gospel focus in the home and the consistent witness of God’s people at Seaford Baptist Church were the means by which Will was converted at a very young age.

Like many who grow up in Christian homes and are converted at a young age, Will’s walk with the Lord was marred by years of backsliding, and sinful rebellion. But throughout all of that time God continued to be patient and merciful beyond imagining towards him.

Will met Kim during this time and they were married in 2011. In God’s sovereignty and great grace after a short time of ministry in Chesapeake, he sent Will to Southern Seminary in Louisville Kentucky. Here, through his pastor’s faithful exposition of the book of Acts, the shepherding hearts of seminary professors, the commitment of Kim to helping him in his walk with Christ, and the great mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ, Will repented of many long years of running from his Savior.

After several more years of seminary, God continued to show his steadfast mercy by sending Will, Kim and their two children Jaxon and Ellie here to Fox Hill Road Baptist Church.

On a lighter note, Will thoroughly enjoys normal things like spending time with his family, and playing sports like football and softball. Less normally, he is a huge nerd who knows far too much about Star Wars and enjoys anything written or inspired by JRR Tolkien. Finally, and even more questionable (at least in this area) about Will, is the fact that he is a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan.